Foreigner12. July 2011

Here they are again to rock the face off their listeners. Foreigner is one of the most revered and talented names in rock history, pegging a plethora of top hits, multi-platinum albums and sold out concerts. Together with a haunting stage presence, adrenaline rush of blustery blues, their impeccable pop/rock mix and generations of catchy hit lyrics, they have remained one of the top names. Known for chart toppers like ‘Cold As Ice’ and ‘Hot Blooded’ to ‘Jukebox Hero’, ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’ or ‘Urgent’ they get their say in any way they can in every way they can. Their prestige cannot be beat and the richness of character of the band is truly brought out from the mix of the brilliantly talented musicians standing behind the mics and guitars.

Lou Gramm left the band in 2005, but added the new chapter to a rock legend as Kelly Hansen stepped in to show how things are really done. One of the most charismatic and entertaining front men, he continues to chill the spines of his fans as his charming stage performance mixes with his soaring vocals to shock, rock and roll. The chords, rhythms and picking of the guitar are mused from none other than Mick Jones. This founding member guitarist with a colourfully musical past is the perfect chaser to Kelly Hansen, blending musically and physically on stage to audio perfection. Their first album together “Can’t Slow Down” pegged the Top 20 chart position in the US, Germany and England, landing still a Top 40 almost everywhere else in the world.

Today, Foreigner is an ensemble of talented musicians each adding their individual credentials to the mix to make the band stronger and more powerful than ever. Besides the founding member and leader Mick Jones on lead guitars and vocals the current line-up consists of Kelly Hansen (ex-Hurricane) as lead singer; Tom Gimbel (long term touring with Aerosmith) on guitar, saxophone, flute and backing vocals; Michael Bluestein (played with Stevie Nicks, Enrique Iglesias and Anastacia among others) on keyboards, Jeff Pilson (ex-Dokken, Dio and MSG) on bass; and Mark Schulman (played with Billy Idol, Destiny’s Child, Udo Lindenberg, Cher, Sheryl Crow among others) on drums.

After 15 years of fantastic shows all over the world and the hit album “Can’t Slow Down“, it was about time to herald the start of a new era. “Acoustique” is the first ever released acoustic album of Foreigner, presenting their best and most famous songs in a complete new dimension, stripped down to the essential, guitars, bass and Kelly’s vocals - a magical experience. This is the proof of the band’s constant evolution and shows once again, that songs like ‘Juke Box Hero’, ‘Fool For You Anyway’ and ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ are timeless classics.

Besides a brand new song, ‘The Flame Still Burns’, written specifically for the acoustic record, the album also features a rendition of Elvis Presley’s classic ‘That’s All Right’ plus another brand new electric song, ‘Save Me’, as well as 2 special bonus tracks which are only available on the CD jewelcase edition. Having said that, “Acoustique” will also be available as a 2CD+DVD limited box set edition. The extra CD can be seen as a new studio album by the current line up made of mastermind, composer and producer Mick Jones with sensational singer Kelly Hansen and ex-Dokken bass player Jeff Pilson. Together they re-recorded the biggest hits in the classic Foreigner rock sound with Kelly on vocals for the first time. The classics never sounded so fresh, powerful and modern.

The added DVD has never been released before and shows “Foreigner Live In Chicago 2011”, filmed in HD and with a length of 85min featuring some live footage taken from the band’s acoustic radio performance at one of the biggest German radio stations HR1 and many more.